Young, innovative and highly talented, this group of friends and relatives enjoyed themselves with a number of pursuits.   Princess Gayane Mickeladze wrote ‘It was always a big party with dancing and music; and Father and cousin Kolya doing their party piece dancing the ???? Kachucha with lampshades on their heads and hall tablecloths wrapped round their waists to Mother’s accompaniment. Aunt Toussia (Arendt-Lattry), of course, sang and so did Camilla Albertovna Horvat, a mezzo soprano. My parents seemed to be the centre when mother’s family always congregated and there was always music…Uncle Misha (Lattry) played the mandolin, cousin Kolya (Lampsi) the guitar and cousin Alexis (Hanzen) played the violin and whistled beautifully at the same time… He and Mother together sounded like a Trio.’


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 21.09.47The poet Voloshin with Lattry enacting a Greek scene at the seashore.

  (From the family archives of Natalia Arendt, with thanks.  HAS )


He is shown with the artists of the Russian ‘Silver’ group. on the steps of the house.  He was also a friend of my Grandparents.   My Aunt (Gayane) wrote “Voloshin – the bearded young poet who lived there, showed Olga and me part of the beach near his house where moonstones were to be found and while the parents enjoyed his poetry readings Olga and I amassed quite a collection of moonstones by the end of our stay.”   (HA Sanford)


Monument of Voloshin  in Voloshin square , Koktebel by Arendt and Grigoriev.